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“Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 4”

Ermaline had panicked about this, he recalled, but everything was fine, no damage done. He hastily returned to the car and pulled out the brochure. According to the schedule, the ferry made two round trips a day during the regular season, so it would cross the line at 11:00 and 5:00 during the day, and then again at 10:45 and 4:30 overnight. The field he’d created just had its first heartbeat, like a newborn taking its first breath. And now he needed to complete the process by placing the final set of pods. … More “Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 4”

InProgress 5: Tie-in

Something interesting happened while I was musing about how to introduce the third character thread in my current project. (If you’re new here, I’m preparing to start writing (and posting) the 3rd chapter of the 4th story in the current series.) In the first two chapters, we caught up with several of the characters that … More InProgress 5: Tie-in

“Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 2”

Mark Laraby slowed his pace and glanced back over his shoulder. He’d be on his own this time. Because of the tension between Homeland Security and Washington State’s status as a sanctuary zone for undocumented immigrants, the police were keeping clear of the new checkpoints that had just been set up. After the violence that had flared at the border station in Blaine over the weekend, they were taking no chances of being the cause of trouble with the feds. As a civilian trained by the community mediation program, he’d not only be their eyes and ears at the checkpoint, but also the force’s best chance to avert a replay of what happened in Blaine. … More “Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 2”

“Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 1”

Ermaline had been leaning against the rail-capped upper edge of the S.S. Badger’s foredeck hull for so long that her knees were beginning to chafe. It was a four-hour trip across Lake Michigan, and they were nearing the halfway point. She and Bert Frensh had set out from Ludington, Michigan for the round-trip to Manitowoc, Wisconsin with a set of the special wind chimes that Bert had made, intent on getting them installed on the ship. At the moment, they were dangling overboard just opposite Ermaline’s chest, held in place by a hook slung over the section of railing which she hid from view.

They were nearing the end of an expedition that Bert had invited her on back in Seattle. His objective: placing a set of these wind chimes, or ‘pods’ as he called them because of the way they looked, at specific points along a curve he had charted. She drew her gaze back from the endless train of swells that patterned the lake, and looked down at the pods. The sound of their clatter, coupled with the rhythmic clap of waves against hull, struck her like the sputtering of a short at the heart of the generator-like thrum of the S.S. Badger’s big coal-fired steam engine, and she sighed.

“Are you okay?”

Bert’s question refocused her attention on the wind chimes. Except they weren’t. Not entirely. And that was the problem. … More “Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 1”