Okay, so here’s the thing: I write subversive short stories. Really. They harbor dangerous ideas, thoughts that could wreck your world. Welcome to KlurgSheld. Most of what you’ll find here is fiction, even some of the conventional posts. For example, there are a few items here by the ‘Bank Shot Blogger’. These posts were written … More Welcome

Mixtape: Wizard

vember 3rd, 1975, because I created both the previous mixtape, “Dreams’, and this one on the same day. It was a few months past the long-scheduled re-union of college friends at DisneyWorld, and I would have been looking forward, with some trepidation, to having Thanksgiving with family in New York. There weren’t any blow-ups, but because I’d left the faith some years earlier, family gatherings could become awkward. … More Mixtape: Wizard

Mixtape: Dreams

It was now early November 1975. Plans set years before had come to pass, life was getting more interesting, and my ongoing interest in ‘the occult’ had begun to be reflected in the books on my shelf. It was time to make another ‘collection’. … More Mixtape: Dreams

Essay: Role Molding

Do you have a role model? Are you one? When we’re quite young, we’re too busy experiencing new senses, exploring our little part of the the world and becoming aware of ourselves to notice that we’re doing so by imitating those around us. We model our own behavior on whoever spends time with us; We … More Essay: Role Molding

Essay: “Do You Believe What I Believe?”

I write this today because that question was thrown into stark relief by a new law in Texas that seeks to regulate women’s reproductive health choices. That law essentially declares the belief system of one religion, Christianity, to be pre-eminent, and effectively deputizes and rewards anyone who successfully enforces it. … More Essay: “Do You Believe What I Believe?”

“Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 7”

Arthur Fox calmly checked the time while waiting for the board Secretary to finish reading the minutes from their last meeting. The fingerprints on the glass of ice water in front of him were slowly fading, and he had begun making silent bets about which would complete first. The unscheduled meeting was important enough to wedge in before the dinner his daughter was preparing for him at his townhouse, but he didn’t want to keep them waiting too long. She said she had invited a guest this time, a man that she’d previously only spoken about in whispered tones, and even then not by his real name.

Author’s note: This post is the seventh chapter of “Interrupted Podcast”, the fourth part of a series that began with the novelette, “Painful Realization”. … More “Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 7”