Okay, so here’s the thing: I write subversive short stories. Really. They harbor dangerous ideas, thoughts that could wreck your world. Welcome to KlurgSheld. Most of what you’ll find here is fiction, even some of the conventional posts. For example, there are a few items here by the ‘Bank Shot Blogger’. These posts were written … More Welcome

Vanquished Vampire

I’ve reached the end of “Vampire Puppeteer“, the third story in the series that began with the novelette, “Painful Realization“, and continued in the short story “Of Two Minds“. I have yet to back through the new story to see if there’s anything I’m not happy with, but the essence is now complete, and I’ll … More Vanquished Vampire

Writing at Gunpoint

There have been times in my life when a story insisted on being written, even to the point of taking over my life for a while. This is another such time. Soon after posting “Of Two Minds“, the short story that turned the preceding novelette, “Painful Realization” into the beginning of a series, I realized … More Writing at Gunpoint