Fictional Reality

Fictional Reality
By P. Orin Zack
(June 7, 2007)

There’s someone here I’d like you to meet. Well, maybe not ‘here’ in the conventional sense. After all, he has no corporeal existence that I’m aware of. He’s a part of me that hangs around making comments about life — the sort of disinterested observer that provides ironic voice-over commentary in movies and TV shows. I call him ‘Cosmic Scriptwriter’ because he sees everything like it’s a story of some kind. He can be very annoying, but the insights I gain are worth the grief.

To be blunt, he’s been yelling in my ear today. I think it started while I was watching a new set of short 9/11 videos called “September Clues”, which focus on some disturbing details in the initial video reports of the explosions at the World Trade Center.

Having read a lot of different things about the events of that day over the years, my eyes and mind have glazed over after trying to construct a coherent story from all of the conflicting data. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the reason it was possible to weave so many explanations from the same data was because a massive piling-on had occurred after the core events were planned out. And it’s more than just the division between the MIHOP and LIHOP camps, too.

The universe of reports and evidence about the destruction of the twin towers contains data-points that can be used to support the official hijacked-aircraft story, controlled demolition, the use of exotic weaponry to dissolve the twin towers from the top down, and perhaps other stories as well. There are also conflicting storylines tying together other events that happened that day. All of which caused rifts to form within the 9/11 Truth movement, because people tend to have an underlying desire for there to be one true story. For many people, this means that for their truth to be THE truth, those assembling a different picture of what happened must either be deluded or agents of a disinformation campaign. Unfortunately, forming an emotional attachment to whatever truth you find draws you into a behavior pattern that causes you to defend it with religious fervor.

For good or ill, I was cured of this pattern back in the 70s through the writings of Edward de Bono. He developed a problem solving strategy called Lateral Thinking, which posits that the first solution you find may be neither the only one nor the best one. Thinking like this has its drawbacks, as well. For example, in an environment that calls for a snap analysis, like some public and private workplaces, you hold back longer than those around you may be comfortable with. To illustrate, we had a strong earthquake in the Seattle area some years back. My first thought was ‘earthquake!’ My second was, ‘Not so fast, check the volcano first.’ As it turned out, Mt. Rainier had not done a St. Helens, so the doorway was still a safe place to wait it out.

As you can imagine, before I could settle on an explanation for the events of that September day, Lateral Thinking – and Cosmic Scriptwriter — suggested that I wade through enough data about 9/11 to stock several storyline construction kits. Which is where I found myself while watching those videos. Until that moment, I was still favoring the story that a false flag black ops weapons test had been carried out on September 11, 2001, and that the storm of spurious data supporting all of the other stories was the combination of a massive piling-on of profit-seeking co-conspirators and the spawn of a military-strength disinformation campaign. Beyond that, I was in the dark. But now there was some additional data to consider.

Some of the details brought out by the video suggested that it might be worthwhile to step back from the events themselves and take a look at the patterns they make. In particular, the fact that all of the initial reports of what had occurred were funneled through a very small number of highly placed corporate folk, and that the on-air reporters quickly overruled contrary observations. It reminded me of a recent presidential directive that insinuated a political operative into the top tier of all government agencies. A similar setup in corporate hierarchies would be enough to control the message, while still avoiding the appearance and drawbacks of a unitary command and control structure.

An otherwise troubling detail – the inconsistencies among the possibly faked news footage of the aircraft strikes – made better sense if you assume that although the operatives were following orders, they could still be free to implement the official cover story independently. This outsourcing of culpability also provides a stronger deniability defense for those directing the operatives.

But then something else occurred to me. If the fireballs were rigged to support a bogus cover story about hijacked airliners striking the buildings, the Put options placed against United and American Air Lines prior to the incident would have been there to support the fiction. If those aircraft, which were not scheduled to fly that day, were fictional, then I conclude the Put options were placed for two reasons. One was to profit from the cover story, and the other was to provide a hidden layer of supporting evidence, not only for the cover story, but to provide grist for the rumor mills driving competing factions in the opposition movement as well. After all, you have to keep the enemy occupied with false leads to keep them off the trail of what really happened.

Rearranging the puzzle pieces like this changes how the events are framed. That, in turn, casts a different light on the significance of the options and who placed them. With this scenario, either it was the perpetrators themselves, or someone who learned of the cover story. I lean towards it having been the perpetrators because the same pattern was used later on, in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Whoever placed those Put options made a handsome profit from the effects of the cover story on the stock price of the two airlines whose planes were allegedly hijacked by the purported terrorists. Recall, now, that the Bush administration later told us that the cost of the Iraq invasion and occupation would be borne by the Iraqi oil fields to be taken over by the invading US armed forces. It seems to me that the same hand was behind both get-rich-quick schemes, only the one in Iraq didn’t go as planned.

Changing a key element of the story has ripple effects, too. This change drew me to reconsider Silverstein’s recorded comment that Building 7, which contained records of all sorts of intelligence and financial investigations, as well as the heavily fortified emergency control center for the City of New York, was ‘pulled’, slang for being brought down by controlled demolition. I no longer think his comment was a slip-up. Instead, I believe it was a slyly placed admission to encourage people to think about controlled demolition as the method used to demolish the twin towers.

The precise method of destruction is an avenue of investigation which has snared a lot of people. However, although some of the evidence supports controlled demolition, some far more troubling evidence refutes it. I’ve seen lots of CDs on TV, and they all leave debris, rather than turning everything in the building – steel frame, floors, office equipment, wiring, HVAC and plumbing — to dust from the top down. Building 7 was controlled demolition. It left a far bigger debris pile than the twin towers, which were far taller. And no controlled demolition has ever torched cars, especially the way the ones around lower Manhattan were torched that morning.

Destroying the towers was hugely profitable for Silverstein, who had just arranged for insurance coverage against terrorist attacks, so he has ample reason to strengthen the official story of hijacked aircraft, and even the fallback explanation of controlled demolition.

Thinking these things, I have altered my idea of what happened that day in 2001. It now goes something like this…

First off, this isn’t just about what happened on September 11, 2001. It’s a far larger story, with roots that go back a long way before that, and branches that extend out over the horizon. In fact, some of them have already started to block out the sun. But like a lot of stories, this one needs a focus, a place to start telling it. Once the reader is hooked, the camera of context can pull back to a wide shot, so you can see how it fits into the world at large.

Bits and pieces of the story have been cobbled together already. You can find them scattered across the Internet and in countless books. Its just that the events of this particular day are a nexus point for so many of the threads that make up the tapestry. The common problem throughout this vast textile of human affairs is the need for focus, the need to cast what is to be told in the form of a narrative. And this, Cosmic Scriptwriter tells me, is also its downfall.

You could pick at the thread of corporate control of government, for instance, because the profit motive is such a driving influence over the world at large. If you yank that thread, you tug on a 19th century Supreme Court case whose preamble included a comment that was subsequently used to subvert the 14th Amendment, eventually granting the rights of personhood to the economic and legal fiction called a corporation. It was a small beginning, initially used by the railroad barons, but the effects of having that right have been enormous.

Context is important. If it was a black ops false flag weapons test, as I suspect, the people who arranged for it to happen have been setting up the context they needed for some time. They would have needed a pliable administration, so they had to ensure that Al Gore did not win the election in 2000. With a time horizon that long, we can discount Bush the lesser from being instrumental. Cheney, on the other hand, has been pulling the strings of power for a good long time, so I’d side with it being whatever group he’s working with or for.

During the 1990’s heady economic boom, a lot of money was made by publicly held companies in nefarious ways. The storehouse for the SEC’s investigations was at 7 World Trade Center, along with offices of several intelligence agencies. I don’t think this was an accident of available office space, but that doesn’t explain what interactions may have transpired between them.

Meanwhile, in another part of the tapestry, the weapons industry was hurting. Peace is never good for their business model, and there hadn’t been an adversary scary enough to warrant the expense of big new projects since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Skirmishes with small countries were fine, as far as they went, but it was tiresome and risky to keep contriving them. The solution, which was codified by the Project for a New American Century, was to create a stable state of empire. But to pull it off, they would need a galvanizing event and a bogeyman to point at.

All that remained was finding a way to test the new generation of black weapons that had been dreamed up without letting the world in on the secret of their existence. Lacking any evidence other than the record of what happened in Manhattan, I postulate that this mystery weapon could turn the dense material in a building to dust, while leaving the paper and other light material intact. The question was, How can you test such a thing?

After all, the moment someone gets pictures of your test, the secret is out. So you have to camouflage it in some way. But that means destroying a building in public. It’s a daunting challenge. Faced with that necessity, I suspect there were suggestions from all quarters regarding which building in what city. There would also be lots of questions to be answered.

Would there be behind-the-scenes prestige in hosting the test? How could it be camouflaged? How would the news about the incident be controlled? And above all, how could it be used to make money? This was going to be expensive, and someone was going to have to cover the costs.

For whatever reason, they settled on New York City. It may have been because the Trade Center was already a money-losing white elephant with too much vacant office space and perhaps a history of shoddy maintenance. With the location selected, the next task would have been to construct a cover story, one with enough special effects to draw attention away from what was really happening.

I figure that it was at this moment that the scheme blossomed. To cover for the dustification of the towers, they’d need a lot of smoke and fire high up in the building. The only believable way to do that was to crash a jet into the building – no, two of them, one for each tower. But a real crash wouldn’t look like a Hollywood one, so they needed to tweak it a bit to guarantee nice juicy fireballs. Since you needed two jets, it couldn’t be a simple accident, so you needed a conspiracy involving multiple planes, and therefore patsies to pin the alleged hijackings on. To be certain that the builds came down neatly, even if the test didn’t go as planned, someone would have to plant demolitions charges in advance. And if there were hijacked aircraft, the stock of those companies would take a hit as well, so it would even be possible to bankroll the whole thing based on the cover story.

It would have been a heck of a meeting.

I’m guessing that once this much had been worked out, the owner of the buildings would have insured them against that most unlikely of risks, a terrorist attack. So the meeting would have taken place in early 2001, just prior to when the building was ‘privatized’, the lease snatched up by Silverstein, and that plum insurance coverage was arranged.

Now I don’t know what sort of weapon was tested, of course. But I doubt that heat was involved, since all that paper survived. And I don’t think is was some kind of beamed microwave energy either, because different materials are affected by different frequencies. The ‘nuker in your kitchen, for example, is tuned to excite water molecules. If there was a frequency and a power level that could turn steel to dust, those settings would probably not have the same effect on all of the different sorts of materials that turned to dust that day.

Since we’re making stuff up here, I’d go for something far more exotic, something that would overwhelm the intermolecular forces that hold molecules together in general. With something like that, it would matter what kind of stuff it was, as long as the molecules were studly. Consequently, the paper survives, and the atomized remains of WTC 1 & 2 coalesce into microscopic balls that look like dust.

Now that’s a death ray.

But our problem has mutated a bit in recent days. While we’ve been consumed with solving the mysteries of 9/11, the people behind all this have arranged the end-game for our little experiment in self-government. By legislation such as the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act passed by a complicit and unwitting congress, and by edicts such as the National Security Presidential Direction 51, we stand a hair’s breadth from a state of martial law. All it will take is a triggering event, and the game will be over. Halliburton has already built detention centers within our borders, the enforcement powers of the Executive branch have been outsourced to the likes of Blackwater, which are beyond the oversight or control of congress, and the people pulling the strings are staring down an electoral stopwatch. They can’t afford to release the power they have taken, and they can’t afford to be found out, so their most likely choice will be, to quote Mr. Silverstien, to ‘pull it’, to set off the explosive charges that have already been planted in our democratic form of government, and end the American Experiment in a cataclysmic act of social controlled demolition.

Like I said, Cosmic Scriptwriter likes to tell stories. This one might be true. Might not. Either way, it’s a tale I’d prefer not to have to live through. I can say one thing, though. If they start it, there are an awful lot of people out here who will do their damnedest to make sure it doesn’t all go as planned.

As stories go, I’d rather we were remembered for that one instead.

Copyright 2007 P. Orin Zack


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