Okay, so here’s the thing: I write subversive short stories. Really. They harbor dangerous ideas, thoughts that could wreck your world.

Welcome to KlurgSheld. Most of what you’ll find here is fiction, even some of the conventional posts. For example, there are a few items here by the ‘Bank Shot Blogger’. These posts were written from the point of view of ‘John Frachetti’, a character in my series about the three-year incarceration of the Fremont-Wayfarer Corporation. You’ll find links to that series in both the Political and the Business sections. I do, however, occasionally lapse into my real voice and write a commentary which didn’t want to be submerged inside a story.

Prowl the categories listed in the “About my Short Stories” tab (above) and pick a few stories at random. Among those stories are some that take place in the worlds I created in the novels on the right. They’re available for purchase at the Barnes and Noble Nook store and at the Amazon Kindle store. Enjoy!

P. Orin Zack

P.S.: If you find something you like, please tell someone. Stories need to be read, just like cats need to be pet.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Mr. Zack. My father, Tom Kimmel, is president of the Steam Automobile Club of America and is interested in contacting you because one of your story “Steam Cycle” which features a steam powered motorcycle. If you could e-mail me your contact information, it would be much appreciated.


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