On Drug-Enhanced Soldiers

My writing owes a great deal to current events, because I frequently build them from an idea or a problem that’s brought out in the course of reporting on something in the news. But those ideas and problems return again and again, which is why blogging short stories is different from posting observations or commentary directly about whatever it was in the news. In this case, it’s a growing story about the misuse of drugs by the military in order to keep those in uniform on the job far longer than is wise, or even safe. The Los Angeles Times’s piece about a pilot taking excessive amounts of amphetamines to stay alert through a 19-hour flight, and then beating his friend up from the delayed delirium, directly relates to “Infantry Hack“, a story I wrote five years ago.

In that story, I postulated that soldiers would be fitted with uniforms that included battlefield medical assistance to help keep them alive until they could be transported to a field hospital. But military technology always has other uses, and that’s what I explored in that story. Give it a read.



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