Live Readings in SecondLife

My SecondLife Avatar

I’ve been asked to do a series of live readings at LoPo Village in SecondLife. To get there, you’ll need a SecondLife viewer — the one I use is FireStorm. Here’s the SLURL. Open your SL viewer before using the SLURL to get to LoPo village.

The first of these live readings is scheduled for 6pm Pacific time on Saturday, March 27th, 2016. Since it’s SecondLife, I’ll be appearing as my anime avatar, and you can join from wherever you happen to be, as long as you use a SecondLife viewer to get there.

Each session will be somewhere in the vicinity of 30 minutes to an hour long, based on what I’m reading that week. I decided to start off by visiting the fictional world I created in my second novel, Burnout Fever, which is available as an ePub which is available for purchase at the Nook and Kindle stores. Burnout-Fever-Nook-CoverBut we’re not starting the novel right off the bat. Instead, I’ll be reading the series of 10 short stories that I wrote about some of the characters in that book. These particular short stories, like many of them, are only a few pages long each, so you might classify them as flash fiction. I anticipate two sessions of short stories before we get to Burnout Fever.

The short story series I’m starting with is available for reading here at my WordPress blog. The first one is called ‘Motivation‘, and it introduces the activists of a group called Constitutional Evolution, which has set itself the challenge of figuring out ways to improve the process of governance in the US by tinkering with the rules by which it operates.

These folks get drawn into the maelstrom of societal chaos that is stirred up in Burnout Fever when people start to succumb to what, at first, looks like a case of job burnout, but which turns out to be far more devastating than that.

So please come to LoPo Village and join the ongoing series of readings. If you want to read the stories or the book yourself, follow the above links to the short stories I’m starting off with, or to the Nook and Kindle stores if you want to buy Burnout Fever so you can catch up if you miss some readings, or you can read ahead on your own.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well, that didn’t work out too well. For the first few weeks, there were a few people I already knew. The first two weeks, I did some of the series stories. Then, I started into one of the novels, but people’s lives kept getting in the way, and they stopped coming. Finally, nobody at all came, so I stopped going down there.



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