About my Short Stories

People tell me I’m strange. One reason for this is that, for me, everything is connected to everything else in lots of odd ways. Songs segue into one another if a string of notes matches up. Stuff like that. As a result, my interests tend to blend into one another, and it’s impossible to categorize my bookcase with all the cross-over titles. The same thing happens with what I write. A story might be about one thing on the surface, but I’m usually laying other ideas between the lines, so to speak. That makes it difficult to peg a story into one particular category, which is why a lot of them are listed in in more than one.

You can get a taste of all the stories in a particular category with the popup menu on the right. To help you find something that interests you, I’ve also got several pages with annotated title lists. Happy browsing!

My stories seem to split into several categories, though there’s some overlap. (Click the respective links to see a list of stories in each group.)

First off, there are stories in the worlds I created for my novels. I’ve listed them in the page About my Novels.

Two of those novels are science fiction, but I also wrote Fantasy & Science Fiction stories that were not related to those worlds.

The political short stories I write are crafted to express some point about the events and issues I see in the world around me. Because they are fiction, I get to play around with these ideas and present them in a way that makes it possible for people to think about them, which might not happen otherwise. Some of these make use of characters from my novels. In fact, I’ve written a series of stories about the exploits of members of an activist group called “Constitutional Evolution” which I created for my third novel, “Burnout Fever”.

If all politics is local, some of it insinuates itself into our economic lives. For me, it also happens in the form of business short stories. Among these is a series of stories exploring the results of pushing the idea of corporate personhood a bit too far.

In amongst the ideas that run through my stories are things having to do with magical and psychic themes. Sometimes these overlap, making it difficult to pull them apart. See for yourself.

There are even stories that deal with metaphysical issues straight on.

No body of writing would be complete without some humorous stories in the mix. So, if you’re in that kind of mood, take a few minutes to sample some of mine.

There is still one thing that none of this tells you: that an inordinate number of these stories are tied together in one series or another. Some of the stories in a given series even have one foot in a different category than the others, making it difficult to decide where to list the series as a whole. I’ve solved that quandary with a page that describes each of the series, with a link to the story that starts it off.



One thought on “About my Short Stories

  1. I find you admirable. I’m not sure if that’s a great compliment, but I’ve been writing about myself too much lately… I seem to be slipping into narcissism. I can’t write about others adequately!

    See what I mean?

    Anyways, I thought you should know that you have a new visitor.

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