Magical & Psychic Stories

Over in one corner, there are stories with fantasy and science fictional aspects. In another corner, there are stories dealing with magic (various kinds) and psychic phenomena. These two corners, however, are not as far apart as it may sometimes seem. Here are the stories that tend towards that second corner, and some notes about each. But first, there’s a story that’s become a series. I’m working on the second installment right now, so you ought to catch up by reading the opener.

Magickal Legacy

The bookstores and cinemas are rife with stories about people whose lives are infused with magic, but there’s magick in this world as well, and there are places to learn about it. Henri was well on his way along that path when he got his calling.

  1. Journeyman Wizard” (Jul 2014) — Henri was supposed to be guiding suicides away from the brink. What made this one different?
  2. Aunt More Real” (Sep 2014) Lauren was 13, and the only thing that stood between her and the truth was her parents. Well, that and the two boys blocking her way.



These stories can be read on their own, but some of them are actually part of series from other genres. After all, magic is all around us.

  • Candle Spell” (Feb 2009) — I don’t know. Maybe owning a candle making business really got to me after a while.
  • Common Ground” (Aug 2007) — Sometimes the headlines write the stories themselves. (Note: If you missed the canceled class, read about it in “Orientation“.)
  • Disarmed” (May 2009) — Some spells deserve to be broken, no matter the cost.
  • Intermediary” (Jul 2007) — How important is that one small thing that you might be able to do?
  • The Keeper’s Tale– My tombstone dreams of ages past, of a time long since dimmed to myth when I was given my charge.
  • Lost Weekend” (Jun 2003) — We all do stupid things, but sometimes nobody will believe you, even when you tell the truth. Take this guy, for example…
  • Magical Advantage” (Feb 2008) — There may be more reasons that you know of to not hold your tongue.
  • On Balance” (Apr 2009) — You might say that Victor Scollimenti’s latest bit of sculpture is a bit loud.
  • Orientation” (Jun 2003) — You know that recurring dream about being unprepared for class? Mine was a doozie!
  • Ping fa (Aug 2007) — Before you can do something, you have to think it. [This story takes place before the events in my 3rd novel, “Burnout Fever” (read an excerpt), and after the short story, “Peace Initiative“. It is also the 3rd part of a series of Political short stories.]
  • Regret” (Jun 2003) — There are many reasons for keeping your past a secret…
  • The Seed” (Jan 2002) — Lives turn on such small things. (This story takes place before the events in my first novel, “The Shoals of Time”.)
  • Spirit of Place” (Nov 2005) — What can I say? Halloween was coming, and our government was looking increasingly scary.
  • Symbolism and Intent (Aug 2007) — Everyone is a learner, a doer, and a teacher. Pay attention. [This story takes place before the events in my 3rd novel, “Burnout Fever” (read an excerpt), and after the short story, “Pingfa“. It is also the 4th part of a series of Political short stories.]
  • Riffing the Life Fantastic” (Dec 2010) — How seriously do you take your dreams? [This is also the first part of a series of Business short stories.]

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