Metaphysical Short Stories

Enlightenment?’ they might have asked, ‘Isn’t your family’s religion good enough for you?’ Well, no. It wasn’t. So I started searching, and eventually the answers began to find me. They hid between the lines in books, in the shadows of conversation, and even in dreams, waiting for someone to notice them. But they also changed me, they changed the way I looked at everything around me, because truths were everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Nothing need really be only and exactly what it seems. Including my stories.

You doubt me? Well then. let me show you. Come along with me on my journey. Visit the place that convinced me that there was more to the world than the humdrum that surrounds us. Click on “Red Queen at Morning“, and I’ll show you a place you’ll probably want to visit on your own, a place that’s a bit hard to describe, because, well, you’ll see. Then you can read these other stories about the same place. The first one will seem familiar, but the others…

  • Orientation” (Jun 2003) — You know that recurring dream about being unprepared for class? Mine was a doozie!
  • Common Ground” (Aug 2007) — Dreaming about taking bizarre classes is strange enough without someone disappearing the entire classroom and threatening to destroy the world you fell asleep in.
  • Escape Clause” (Jun 2008) — Jeremy was intent on getting to the meat of his existential quandary, even if it meant locking his teacher in a bad dream.
  • Puzzled” (Feb 2008) — The way Hilbran looked at it, you could either spend you time in theoretical pursuits, or you could get your fingers dirty by actually participating in your fantasies.

Magickal Legacy

The bookstores and cinemas are rife with stories about people whose lives are infused with magic, but there’s magick in this world as well, and there are places to learn about it. Henri was well on his way along that path when he got his calling.

  1. Journeyman Wizard” (Jul 2014) — Henri was supposed to be guiding suicides away from the brink. What made this one different?
  2. Aunt More Real” (Sep 2014) Lauren was 13, and the only thing that stood between her and the truth was her parents. Well, that and the two boys blocking her way.

Like everyone else, my personal beliefs seep into the things that I create, which is why there’s a metaphysical flavor to some of what I write. That’s been true of the three novels I have written so far, and it’s true of some of the stories and essays posted here.

  • Legal Beef” (Nov 2009) — Why did a corporate whistleblower direct the sister of an accused murderer to speak with a photographer?
  • Magical Advantage” (Feb 2008) — The power elite always have reasons for wanting their offices to be at the top of the tower. The magical power elite knows why.
  • Riffing the Life Fantastic” (Dec 2010) — Imagine what you would do if you knew which choices would make you rich. Now imagine if it stopped working when your life was on the line. (This story is also the beginning of a series of business short stories.)
  • Singularity of Soul” (Nov 2007) — Some people dream about exchanging this mortal coil for an eternal life of the spirit. Be warned: it might not be all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Spirit of Place” (Nov 2005) — If you think that no matter who you elect, they all get corrupted by the system, you’re wrong. Just not the way you might expect.
  • Terrifying Vindication” (Aug 2009) — A dozen people went mad from the drug reaction that Corwin Farragut was convicted for, and yet Bernard Katzmarek was determined to prove his innocence by exposing far more people to the same danger.
  • Wake-up Call” (Jun 2008) — Be careful what you’re lulled to sleep by.

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