“Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 1”

Ermaline had been leaning against the rail-capped upper edge of the S.S. Badger’s foredeck hull for so long that her knees were beginning to chafe. It was a four-hour trip across Lake Michigan, and they were nearing the halfway point. She and Bert Frensh had set out from Ludington, Michigan for the round-trip to Manitowoc, Wisconsin with a set of the special wind chimes that Bert had made, intent on getting them installed on the ship. At the moment, they were dangling overboard just opposite Ermaline’s chest, held in place by a hook slung over the section of railing which she hid from view.

Author’s note: This post is the first chapter of “Interrupted Podcast”, the fourth part of a series that began with the novelette, “Painful Realization”. … More “Interrupted Podcast: Chapter 1”

Vanquished Vampire

I’ve reached the end of “Vampire Puppeteer“, the third story in the series that began with the novelette, “Painful Realization“, and continued in the short story “Of Two Minds“. I have yet to back through the new story to see if there’s anything I’m not happy with, but the essence is now complete, and I’ll … More Vanquished Vampire