re: Novelettes

I hadn’t expected any of my short stories to turn out to be novelettes any more than I expected one to end up as the novel. The one that did, “The Shoals of Time“, eventually spawned a prequel, “Deadly Attractor” as well as a whole bunch of other short stories. Nevertheless, it happened.

When I began working on what became “Painful Realization“, I figured that it would end up being one of my longer short stories, topping out at maybe 5,000 words. But as I got further into it, I realized that there was more to this story than it appeared. Hidden at the heart of what I thought would be a tale that explored the implications of what could be accomplished with Sacred Geometry was an excursion into the hidden side of politics.

During the writing of this tale, I also decided to do something I hadn’t tried before, and that was to post it and blog about it while the story was under construction. The blog posts remain, but because I updated the story as I went along, there’s no record of what it looked like prior to completion. That’s something which only those who visited the site during the fall of 2018 would have encountered.

  • Painful Realization” (Dec 2017) — Anjela Bascomb came to Seattle to re-experience the art of a musical group she recalled fondly. That experience was pierced by the pain of another form of art being born, one with political implications.

—— P. Orin Zack