If you’ve read my recent short story series about Alphon Quince, then you know I have an abiding interest in exploring the effects of the changes underway in our global climate. I’d started writing about such things when I began planning my first novel, ‘The Shoals of Time’, back in the ’80s, and have written about it sporadically since then. But the coals of that interest were fanned into Alphon Quince’s story series by reading Doc Snow’s posts over at HubPages. I’ve had discussions with Doc in the hub comments, and those on his most recent post on climate change turned into an exploration of what other sorts of stories I could craft within that context. … More Metaquandary


Short Story: “Standing to Resist”

This series started with the story, ‘Bait‘. “Standing to Resist” (Part 5 of a series) by P. Orin Zack [2/8/2014] Having a medicinal herb garden wasn’t exactly something you told the neighbors about in East Chicago. For one thing, self-medication was grounds for losing your government-mandated insurance card, which, eighty years after the Affordable Care … More Short Story: “Standing to Resist”