Short Story: “Standing to Resist”

This series started with the story, ‘Bait‘. “Standing to Resist” (Part 5 of a series) by P. Orin Zack [2/8/2014] Having a medicinal herb garden wasn’t exactly something you told the neighbors about in East Chicago. For one thing, self-medication was grounds for losing your government-mandated insurance card, which, eighty years after the Affordable Care … More Short Story: “Standing to Resist”

Short Story: “Unvarnished Siding”

The important moments in your life don’t always seems so at the time. (This sequence started in the story, “Logical Conclusion“) “Unvarnished Siding” Part 8 of a series by P. Orin Zack (11/29/07) “You wanted to see me, Your Honor?” The woman’s voice was breathy. She’d been running. US District Court Judge Wilfred Clary, who … More Short Story: “Unvarnished Siding”

Short Story: “Incident on Concourse B”

As if the real news wasn’t frightening enough. Maybe having a good imagination isn’t such a good idea. “Incident on Concourse B” By P. Orin Zack (9/2/2007) Lendon Forrester, clattering bags of jumbled canned goods, ran up the steps and opened the door. “Did I miss it?” “No,” Frannie Jurdens called from the kitchen. “They’re … More Short Story: “Incident on Concourse B”